Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Household Items #9

#9 on the Top Ten List of Household Items to Use in Your Science Classroom is:

Dried Beans

I love having a stash of a few different kinds of dried beans/peas/lentils on hand.  Try out these activities:

Seed Germination
Semipermeable Membrane Demonstration
Dissect a Seed
The Geologists' Dilemma
Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Resources

Comment on this post to be entered to win a prize box containing most of the Top Ten Items.  And remember, if your comment contains an additional use (not mentioned above) for dried beans in the science classroom, you'll receive a bonus entry!


  1. Owl Family Survival activity: http://www.middleschoolscience.com/owlfamily.pdf

  2. I used different types of beans, rice, a small office supplies in (old) film containers in my senses unit - for all ages. Students each shake their container to find the sound-match and join with their partner. Over the years we have found only subtle differences between white beans and navy beans, but when we open the containers this is a perfect opportunity to discuss the use of multiple senses to identify objects. Different types of small objects are also perfect for sorting by touch/feel only - with similar results. Sadly film containers are hard to find (though you can buy them now), but a high-use supply in my classroom. Perhaps they are on your list?? :)