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Every child is born a scientist. Don't believe it? Spend an hour watching an infant or young toddler. As a parent, their curiosity and constant experimentation may quickly exhaust you, but don't be so quick to dismiss it. You are witnessing the simplest and purest form of science: hypothesize, test, analyze, repeat.

Fast forward to the school years. With each year that passes, more students lose that curiosity and in its place develop a misguided sense that they can't "do" science, that it's too hard.
So what happened during those few short years? Likely a confluence of circumstances... greater exposure to the world that sparks new interests and reduced exposure to science in the early elementary years.

Don't get me wrong- just because every child is born a scientist doesn't mean that every person should have a career as a scientist - what a boring and unbalanced place that would be! However, every child deserves a quality science education; and every person the right to feel like he or she can "do" science. A solid science background yields better problem solvers, more discerning consumers, and savvier citizens of the world.

I have founded Science Matters to help provide that quality science education; breaking down the misconceptions that keep students and teachers from believing that science is fun and accessible to everyone.

Science doesn't have to take place in a fancy laboratory - a basic classroom, dining room table, or backyard is perfect. Science doesn't require fancy equipment - your home and classroom are already filled with suitable tools, and a trip to the local hardware store/craft store/toy store can fill any gaps. Science doesn't need expensive chemicals - your kitchen cupboards are brimming with perfectly acceptable substitutes.

Science does need YOU: your enthusiasm, your curiosity, your love for learning.

Explore this site to see what Science Matters can do for you and the youngsters in your life. When the ideas start rolling, contact me and we'll chart the course together.

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  1. I want to thank you for your dedication to science for children. I am a Librarian Assistant in charge of programing at my local library. Your resources have been a treasure trove of information and activities for the children I serve. I have been able to develop programs for preschoolers, Kindergarteners thru 2nd Graders and 3rd thru 5th Graders that are engaging and challenging for each group due to your many posts and information. Our library was the first in the area to offer STEM programming for children and have fun while doing it.