Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plants: Seed Germination

Each student will need a sandwich-size zip-top bag, a paper towel, and several seeds (dried beans from the grocery store will work, as well as regular garden seeds).

Get the paper towel wet and then wring out all the excess water. Flatten the towel and fold in half and then in half again (in the opposite direction this time). Slide the towel into the bag. Place the seeds in a line about an inch from the bottom of the bag (about an inch between the seeds). With the bag lying flat on the table, squeeze out as much air as possible and seal the bag. Now observe. You may wish to have students make observations in a journal. With a good seal, the bag should have enough moisture and not require any additional water.

I prefer this method over planting seeds in dirt for two reasons:

1 - No dirt=much easier clean-up.

2 - You can actually wantch the seed germinate.... which part emerges first, where does it emerge from, etc.

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