Monday, April 19, 2010

Metric System: Metric Label Project

Look for metric units in the world around you!

Collect 10 labels from products that have metric measurements (even though we live in an English system, products still bear metric units). Labels can be paper, cardboard, or plastic.

Fasten each label to a single sheet of paper, one label per page.

Label each page:
---the amount of metric measurement (ex. 453 grams)
---unit of measure (mass, volume, length)

Number each page, on the bottom of each page

Assemble the pages into a book

Design a cover related to the metric system

Extra Credit:
3 points each for labels in METRIC ONLY. Fasten each of these to a separate page and put in your booklet after page 10

2 points for each page = 20 points
5 points for the cover = 5 points
-------TOTAL--------- = 25 points

Depending upon your students, you may wish to require them to have a certain number of mass labels, volume labels, and length labels. FYI: length labels are the most difficult to locate, mass labels are easy to find.

All in all, a simple project, easy to grade, but it increase students' awareness of the metric system and helps bridge the gap between science class and their lives outside of school.

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