Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plate Tectonics: Snack Tectonics

What can you do with fruit roll-ups, graham crackers and frosting in your science class?

Have a yummy snack?

You could, but try out this great activity first... then have your snack!

In this Windows to the Universe activity, students use these items to model the different types of plate boundaries: divergent, convergent (oceanic vs. continental and continental vs. continental) and transform.

The fruit roll-ups act as the oceanic crust and the graham crackers are the continental crust (because continental crust is thicker than oceanic). The frosting serves as the mantle, on which the pieces of crust can move around.

Windows to the Universe also provides these great graphics you can turn into PowerPoint slides, overheads, or place on your students' lab sheets.

With materials like these, you'll immediately have your students' attention. And the results aren't too shabby either!

In my experience, the most exciting result comes from the continental - continental convergent boundary - mountains are created!!

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