Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Top Ten Household Items #3

#3 on the Top Ten List of Household Items to Use in Your Science Classroom is:


I didn't even realize how often I used balloons in the classroom... And I don't think this is a complete list! Share your ideas in the comments!

The Expanding Universe
Blow up a Balloon in a Bottle
The Importance of Cell Walls
Penny in a Balloon
Ideal Gas Law with a Balloon
The Shape of Molecules
Balloon in a Flask
Model Lung
Steel Wool and Vinegar
Bending Water
Cellular Respiration in Yeast
Build a Coral Reef
From Solid and Liquid to Gas
Bernoulli Balloons

Comment on this post to be entered to win a prize box containing most of the Top Ten Items.  And remember, if your comment contains an additional use (not mentioned above) for balloons in the science classroom, you'll receive a bonus entry!

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  1. I use balloons for a project with constellations. My first graders use the balloon as a mold to create a dome. They paper mache the balloon, then when dry, we paint them black for the night sky, then use skewers to punch holes for the constellation patterns. An electric tea light candle is put inside of the dome to illuminate the constellations.