Friday, December 2, 2011

Take the Natural Things Quiz Now!

Earlier this fall, I hosted a Natural Things Swap.  It was loads of fun and I'm looking forward to another one in the future. 

In an effort to share some of the fun with everyone, I've taken photos of some of the objects exchanged and created a quiz in which you try to identify the objects.

Every person who attempts the quiz (and yes, swappers are allowed to enter), is entered to win the prize (more on that in a second).  Each object you correctly identify will earn you an additional prize entry.  There are 8 objects to identify, so if you can identify them all correctly, your name will be in the prize drawing 9 times. 

The quiz will be open for one week.  Next Friday I will reveal the identity of the objects, so make sure you check back in then.

Sheri, from Exploring Nature, has generously offered the winner an individual subscription to Exploring Nature Educational Resource. is an award winning educational website containing more than 5,000 pages of illustrated life science resources with detailed and age appropriate content including animals, plants, biomes, ecology, biology, anatomy, genetics and the human genome, weather, classification, food webs, life cycles - just to name a few.  The site also features movies, interactive games, worksheets, quiz collections, science activities, and teacher aids with new content is added weekly. was developed by published author and science educator Sheri Amsel and is an American Library Association (ALA) pick for their Great Websites for Kids list. 

With your subscription, you'll have complete access to thousands of printable pages - for coloring, for labeling, posters, flashcards, etc. 

Remember, simply trying the quiz (even if you're making a complete guess with every question), gets you entered to win the Exploring Nature subscription!

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