Thursday, September 1, 2011

Natural Things Swap

Are you looking to expand your collection of natural objects to make learning more interesting?  Interested in starting a collection of objects to play What Is It

Consider joining the Natural Things Swap. 

You'll collect a bunch of, for this example let's say, acorns.  You'll place each acorn in its own small bag and label it (or find a way to label it without the bag).  You'll mail all of the labeled acorns to me.  In return, you'll receive a box containing a sampling of the objects other people collected and sent to me. 

Ideas for objects to collect:
Seed pods (acorns, small pine cones, gum balls, buckeyes, etc.)
Pressed leaves
Shells/Egg cases
Small fossils
Nice rock specimens

Make sure you don't send anything that could rot or otherwise begin to smell...

How Many Objects:
Next week I will let you know how many people have expressed an interest in playing along.  You're welcome to send enough for everyone, and in turn you'll get back an object from everyone participating.  You're also welcome to only send a few objects, but keep in mind that you'll only receive back as many objects as you send. 

You'll need to pay for the postage to mail the objects to me.  You'll also need to send $5 to cover the cost of mailing the collection back to you.  I'll provide you with my PayPal information, or you can include the payment in the box you mail me. 

If you want to play along...
  1. Send me a message letting me know you want to play and what object you plan to send my way (only one person per object - we don't need to all exchange acorns...)
  2. Share this swap with your friends, so they can play along too!
  3. Collect your objects.  Clean them if appropriate and label them.
  4. Mail the objects to me by the end of October (that date could be negotiable, let me know if you have a conflict and I'll consider making a change).
  5. Make sure you've made your $5 payment - if you don't pay, you won't get a box back!
  6. Check your mailbox for your arriving collection. 
So, what do you think???  You've got until 11:59 pm EDT on September 9, 2011 to let me know you're interested! 

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