Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Researching Biomes & Ecosystems

The Missouri Botanical Garden has a great website for researching the world's biomes and ecosystems.

When you visit the web page devoted to each biome/ecosystem, you will find lots of user-friendly information:

  • description of the biome
  • where the biome can be found
  • plants found in the biome
  • animals found in the biome
Clicking on an individual animal will provide you with lots of detailed information regarding the animal's size, diet, classification, and so on. 

The Missouri Botanical Garden site is a great place to allow students to explore and research on their own as part of your biome/habitat study. 

After students have collected their information, they could complete any number of projects or assignments with it. 

Some ideas:
  • create a brochure to promote a visit to that biome
  • create a board game incorporating facts about their biome
  • give clues to other students to see if they can "Guess the Biome"
  • create a food chain/web that would exist in that biome

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