Friday, September 30, 2011

Professional Development: Mickelson ExxonMobil Teacher Academy

If you know a great 3rd - 5th grade math and science teacher, encourage them to apply for the Phil Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy for the summer of 2012.  Or nominate them yourself!

While I have not had the honor of attending, I've heard wonderful things about it.  The programming is done by the National Science Teachers Association (definitely a great organization) and Math Solutions (which I'm not familiar with, but it was founded by Marilyn Burns, who has some phenomenal ideas for teaching math, so I'm guessing it's a stand-out organization as well). 

It's an all-expense paid (including travel) week at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ (an excellent facility), with lots of opportunities for learning and socializing with other like-minded teachers. 

I believe there are generally a very large number of applicants for the 100 available spots, but there's not much to lose by trying (the application is short and pretty simple) and there's potentially a whole lot to gain! 

P.S. Application deadline is October 31!


  1. Hi. My name is Hande and I'am a science teacher in Turkey. I have seaching some materials about cell-tissue-organ... and I found your blog. YOur activitys are really good and easy. Thank you so much for sharing all off this:) I am following you:) (P.S:I have a blog but it is't about teaching.)

  2. Gosh, I wish I was younger! They wouldn't want someone who has been teaching 35 plus years. BUT I love learning new things.