Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Pumpkin Time!/The Apple Pie Tree: Seed Germination

It's Pumpkin Time! follows the growth of a pumpkin - from seed to large, orange orb.

The Apple Pie Tree follows the growth of an apple tree through a season - from a bare-branched tree to one loaded with heavy fruit.

Either one, or both, make a nice accompaniment to the seed germination activity we've done before. 

This time, use seeds straight from an apple or pumpkin.  That can provide an added lesson for students - we regularly refer to that part of apples (and other fruit) as the seed, but there are students (young and old) out there who don't truly understand that those seeds will sprout and grow into a new plant. 

Following the same procedure as before...

Fold a paper towel in quarters.

Wet the towel and wring out as much water as possible.

Slide the towel into a zip-top bag.

Place the seeds in a row, about an inch from the bottom of the bag. 

Push the air out of the bag and seal the top. 

Put the bag in a safe location (you can even hang it) and observe.

After completing this activity, you and your students might want to see what other seeds, taken directly from food you eat, you can get to germinate.  Be forewarned - seeds that have been cooked in some way won't germinate, and some seeds need to go through extra steps before they'll germinate, like tomatoes, but you should find quite a few that you can get to grow.

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