Friday, January 7, 2011

Website: Steve Spangler Science

If you aren't familiar with Steve Spangler Science, you should check it out. 

It's a great place to go for science activities, tools and toys.  If you're doing science experiments at home, you can find lots of equipment: pipettes, beakers, flasks, balances, etc.  And then there's the fun stuff... oh my, is there a lot of fun stuff!

A few of my favorite products:

Baby Soda Bottles Test Tubes & RackBaby Soda Bottle Test Tubes

 UV Color Changing BeadsUV Color Change Beads

Energy BallEnergy Ball

There is also a whole collection of science experiments.  Some of them require supplies available through the site, but many do not. 

There's also the blog and the teacher training opportunities to check out.  I'm hoping to some day find myself at the right time and place to attend one of the Hands-On Science Boot Camp Workshops - what fun they have!  And the Alaskan cruise filled with hands-on science doesn't sound too shabby either... :)

Head on over to Steve Spangler Science and see if it isn't worth your time to explore a bit!

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