Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Body Systems: Digestive System: Digestive System Model

Use these props to help your students visualize the size of their digestive system.  This model is approximate for a 3rd grade student.
Esophagus: a straw
I was told that a straw is approximately the size of a 3rd grader's esophagus.  It seems like it might be a little narrow, but I can't find any exact figures to confirm or deny this.  My doctor brother-in-law says that the esophagus, when there's no food present, becomes pretty narrow, so this might be more accurate than I thought.
Stomach: small dish detergent bottle (sorry, the bottle accidentally got recycled... )
Here's a bonus to this prop: when it's empty and you squeeze it, it makes noise!  Just like your stomach!

Small Intestine: 24' of rope (about 1 cm diameter)

 Large Intestine: 6' of tubing (about 2 cm diameter)

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