Monday, November 22, 2010

States of Matter Dance

Get your students out of their desks and moving, acting like molecules in the different states.

Solid: students are clustered together, minimal movement

Liquid: students move a bit away from each other, but still close enough to reach out and maintain contact, slow walking and arm movements

Gas: students break away from each other and try to spread out as far as they can, walking and moving their arms at a rapid pace

*Try playing a game of Simon Says using these movements
*Try to find music to match each state of matter
*Have students write a story about what it's like to be a molecule that spends time in each state

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  1. This game was so much fun when we did it in school! I don't know what age most people would aim this at but we did it when we were about 14 and we loved it!

    For a good outdoor nature game I always rely on a blind hike. The kids are blindfolded and hold hands in a long line or in pairs (in pairs one can be blindfolded and one not so they can lead and look after their partner for a bit of an added trust exercise) and you lead them through plants, over obstacles and get them to touch things/guess what things are. Always fun if you bring a spray bottle of water along and are dramatic and imaginative with the journey narration!