Friday, November 26, 2010

Book: Odd Boy Out

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein
This is a nice picture book biography of Albert Einstein. 

Most of Einstein's work is so upper-level that elementary and middle school students don't have reason to study this great mind.  That said, most of those students have at least some passing knowledge of Albert Einstein and many of them can rattle off E=mc2 (even if they have no idea what that means).  As a result, at some point during the year, you will likely find yourself hearing some mention of Einstein in your classroom. 

Instead of shrugging it off, why not share this story with your students.  It will give them a bit more of his story, and what a story it is.  The man whose man has become synonomous with genius wasn't always thought to be so bright.  He really didn't like school and people found him to be odd.  You might find some or your students can relate to Einstein's childhood - and it's a good reminder to all of us that you can't know a person by outward appearances. 

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