Monday, May 5, 2014

Science in the Library

For the past couple of years, I've been working part-time in our local library.  In addition to typical library duties (checking out books, shelving books etc.), I've taken on responsibility for much of the children's programming that goes on at our location.

I've started a blog to share some of those programming ideas with others.  I get so many ideas from the Internet, I want to give back what I can.

I thought I'd share the news here, as I know many of the Science Matters readers work with groups of children in a variety of settings. I have to keep things flexible, as I never know how many people will show up for the program or exactly what the age make-up will be.  I'll let you know my contingency plans for each activity!

Given my background, it's probably not much of a  surprise to hear that much of the programming has a science spin to it.  In fact, we've started three science clubs at the library this spring.  I'll likely cross-post the science ideas to the Science Matters blog, so the people interested in just science content can find it all in one place.

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