Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Science Camp: Air Pressure Demonstrations

If your budget or location doesn't provide you with the opportunity to do a Chemistry Magic Show, consider a series of air pressure demonstrations.  They can be just as much fun, and the science behind them is easier for younger students to understand than the chemistry. 

Start things with a bang - literally - and use air pressure to crush a can

It follows nicely to collapse a milk jug

Set up the Balloon in a Flask and have students keep an eye on that while you're proceeding through other demonstrations. 

Sucking an egg into a flask is always a favorite.  A simple Internet search will provide you with instructions thousands of times over. 

Challenge a student to Blow up a Balloon in a Bottle

Give your students a shower with the Straw Fountain

Find two strong students to try to pull apart Two Plungers. 

Bernoulli demonstrations are a bit counter-intuitive and fun.  Try the cardboard tubes or balloons
And, if at all possible, finish with some bell jar demonstrations.

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