Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer's Coming....

Sooner for some of you, later for others of you.  But, even if you've still got a good 6 weeks of school left, I know thoughts of long summer days are starting to dance around your brain, even if it does still feel like winter....

Along those lines, I've been debating how to approach the blog throughout the summer.  Last summer I continued posting 5 days per week, but am considering changing things up for a bit this summer. 

If you read this blog on the actual website, you'll notice a new poll on the left side bar.  I'm seeking some input about your anticipated summer readership.  Do you think you'll:
  • Read the blog faithfully every day.
  • Check in and catch up on the blog ~once a week.
  • Ignore the blog all summer but catch up on everything come August.
  • Ignore the blog all summer.
 If you read the blog in a reader, or get it via email, I'd appreciate your taking a moment to visit the website and casting your vote. 

And next week, look for some ideas to engage your students during that last week or so of school.

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