Friday, December 17, 2010

GIANT Microbes

MINI Giant Microbes (Mini Microbe - Miniature in Size - 2-3 Inches) Common Cold (Rhinovirus)FLU GIANT MICROBE PLUSHSORE THROAT GIANT MICROBE PLUSHSTOMACH ACHE GIANT MICROBE PLUSH

Add a bit of whimsy to your study of viruses and bacteria!  I picked up these Giant Microbes quite a few years ago now.  I think they were pretty new then - they've since increased the collection by quite a bit. 

I went with microbes common to schools (from left to right): common cold, flu, sore throat, and stomach ache.  There are all variety of microbes including those making news in recent years: Swine flu, Bird flu, Mad Cow Disease, Multiple-Resistant Staph, etc.  And there are also some cells (which might be worth adding to my collection): red blood cell, white blood cell, platelet, neuron, brain cell.  You really just need to check out the whole collection...

The microbes come with a small information card, including the name of the actual virus/bacterium/fungi. 

My students get a kick out of them, and they do come in handy when talking about virus/baceteria shapes.

Seriously, go now and take a look! 

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