Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Plants: Roots: Radish Seedlings

Radishes are perfect for this... they sprout and develop roots SO quickly!

About 3 or 4 days before you'll need them, sprinkle some radish seeds on a damp paper towel.  Keep the towel moist (a spray bottle with a fine mist is good for this) in the interim.

On lab day, have students observe the radish roots.

What is the fuzz on the root?
What does it do for the plant?
Draw the seed and developing root - label the first leaves, devleoping root, and root hairs.

A few notes, from personal experience
--Keep the radish seeds covered with another damp paper towel.
--Keep the seeds in a place where you will see them so you will keep them moist - they will need water a couple times a day - they dry out super quick!
--Be very careful when removing the seedlings from the paper towel - it doesn't take much for the root to break off. 

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