Thursday, May 13, 2010

Periodic Table: Alternate Periodic Tables

Ask your students to sketch what the periodic table looks like, and most of them (if they're around middle school age or older) will be able to make a rough sketch of that "castle-looking thing", whether they've had much experience with it or not.

Students are familiar with the modern periodic table, and may have seen Mendeleev's periodic table in their text book. However, they (as well as you) are probably unaware that there are other periodic tables around out there.

While probably not the most useful for studying, at this point in time, they can prove interesting to look at.

They demonstrate to your students that there isn't just one way to do/orgranize things. Can you determine the organizational scheme of each one?

This is my students all time favorite one - the "spaceship"!

You can find a few more periodic tables styles here (you'll have to scroll down the page a little bit). I have them printed out and laminated so they can be passed around the class.

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